April 21, 2013

Read Up! Five More, Full of Fun

One of Christian Robinson's wonderful collages from Rain.

I really love today's batch of books; they are fun-fun-fun, but each with valuable concepts to share & practice (in addition, I mean, to the most important one: READING IS FUN).  I've kept these around for a few weeks, sharing them at any storytime I could, and knowing they would be welcomed back during repeat readings. Check these out!

Chicken, Chicken, Duck!
Nadia Krilanovich
This is a sort of a chant, with (almost) nothing but animal animal names & sounds.  Try reading this slowly, letting the little ones help you name the animals & make the sounds--and then when you get to the quacker, yell out, "DUCK!"  So simple, so fun.

Up, Tall and High!
Ethan  Long
The moment I caught a glimpse of Long's colorful birds on the cover, I knew I had to read this book!  In three very short stories, with an economy of words, the feathered friends demonstrate how tall they are, & how high they can fly (or not)--with some flap-up-or-down pages along the way to add silly fun to the proceedings.  For younger kids, this is a chance to play with vocabulary & opposites; for all ages, this is a whole lot of smiles & surprises!

Linda Ashman & Christian Robinson
Herein lays the chronicle of a run-in between a happy young boy & a grumpy old man.  
Which mood will win out?  Christian Robinson's artwork, a mix of collage and paint, is beautiful, evoking in many ways the work of Ezra Jack Keats. As I do with Keats's work, I find myself staring at each image, studying the construction of the many wonderful layers.  When you read this book together, discuss the details--not just of the art, but of the attitudes of the characters, and how they change.
Oliver Jeffers
Hey, this is the second "Read Up" in a row featuring a book by Oliver Jeffers!  Stuck begins with a kite getting stuck in a tree, and doesn't end before there's just no room up there for more.  Floyd, the kite flyer, does have some good ideas for how to get the tree down: a ladder, for instance, seems just the right choice.  Too bad that instead of leaning the thing against the tree & climbing up, he throws the ladder up at the kite!  The story gives children (and adults) the opportunity to predict what may happen next, and talk about what Floyd should have done at each turn!

My Little Sister Ate One Hare
Bill Grossman & Kevin Hawkes
"Gross-man" is right, in this long-time favorite of mine--and one perhaps best left for ages 5 & up (school-ages absolutely love it; eat it up, you may say).  The first page of text will give you a pretty good idea of what's to come:
My little sister ate 1 hare.
We thought she'd throw up then and there.
But she didn't.

Plenty of delicious rhyming as we count all the way up to 10 peas:

But eating healthy foods like these
Makes my sister sick, I guess.

Much fun comes in chanting repeated phrases together, and in guessing what's, um, up next.

Check these books out! Have fun with them, & let me know what you think. Do you have any favorite books about animal sounds, or kite flying, or healthy eating--or whatever? Please let me know! 

Click on this link & READ UP!  I have many more great books to share with you!

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