October 21, 2013

Read Up! A pair of silly animal tales

Have you got your library card handy?  Hop over to your local branch's website & reserve these fun books today!

Rodrigo Folgueira & Poly Bernatene
The frogs are quite surprised to find a pig on their lily pad--a pig that says, "ribbit!"  What is it doing there?  Is it making fun of them?  Pretty soon, all of the animals are trying to figure out the pig, and you can sense their disappointment when the object of their attention disappears. I love the ending of this book, wherein all things become clear.

Jeanne Willis & Tony Ross
"Hippopotamus had a spotamus... on her bottomus."  Oh, my--do we really want to read this?  We DO!  So many diagnoses: is it hippopox, or hippolumps, or potomumps--or something else entirely?  When the answer finally comes, you may not be sure whether you are relieved or about to retch. Better re-read the book until you finally figure it out!  I was kind of sick of all of the cutesy rhyming, but the ending makes it very much worth multiple readings.

Check these books out! Have fun with them, & let me know what you think. Do you have any favorite books about frogs, or pigs, or hippos, or mysterious red spots--or whatever? Please let me know! 

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