January 13, 2013

Read Up! The "bear" necessities

Today I have four books to share--all bear books.  You won't learn a thing about bears, but I think you will have a lot of fun!

Kenn Nesbitt & Troy Cummings
Pick up this book right away!  A nice, quiet little author sets out to write a nice, quiet little book--with no bears.  Right away, he hears the voices of children demanding that the story must have "MORE BEARS!"  Right away, the bears begin to appear--but the children keep on demanding more.  The increasingly-large "MORE BEARS" word balloons on each spread are YOUR children's cue to BE the children making the demands.  Every storytime group with whom I've shared this so far has loved it--and I think you & the kids with whom you read will love it, too!

Bossy Bear
David Horvath
It would be natural to spot this book & assume that it exists just to sell toys; after all, its author is the creator of the "UglyDoll" line of designer vinyl figures--and there IS a line of Bossy Bear toys.  Ignore all of that, though, & pick up the book!  You will recognize, whether from your past or your present, the type of person represented by Bossy Bear: as the first lines describe him, "Bossy Bear is very bossy.  He likes things his way all the time."  Talk about Bossy as you share the book; children recognize that the bear's demanding nature & refusal to share makes him someone others don't enjoy being around.  Don't worry, there is a happy ending!

Thank You Bear
Greg Foley
Check out Thank You Bear along with Bossy Bear, because they make for a great pairing!  Bear finds a little box, looks inside & proclaims it "the greatest thing ever!"  But does he then keep it for himself?  No!  He decides it will make a perfect gift for his best friend.  As in Bossy Bear, there's a lot going on along the way to fuel both interest & discussion.

Orange Pear Apple Bear
Emily Gravett
In sharing the title with you, I also just told you every word in the entire book (almost).  Don't discount this as a toddlers-only concept book, though, because it works on many more levels!  Talk about the pictures, and what is happening.  Enjoy the surprises.  Mess it up a little, and wait to get corrected!  

Check these books out! Have fun with them, & let me know what you think. Do you have any favorite books about bears, or friendship, or fruit--or whatever? Please let me know!

Click on this link & READ UP!  I have many more great books to share with you!

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