January 16, 2013

I've got a new library home!

When I got the call back in August to come and fill in for a pair of storytimes at the Menlo Park Library, little did I know that it would lead to this: I am now an official employee of the library!

You'll be able to find me down in the library's Storytime room every Thursday, for the new Toddler Storytime at 10:15am, and for the Preschool Storytime's new time slot at 2:15pm. At the latter event, I mix storytelling in with the book reading & all of my usual nonsense!  I'll also be doing special projects within the library's Children's Services department, and I'm looking forward to helping in whatever way I can!

I've been taken away by the Menlo Park Library's storytime schedule since I first set foot in the building; there are many staff storytime people, storytimes five days a week (as many as three in one day), with offerings in three languages.  I've helped out for the bilingual English/Spanish storytimes--but it'll be some time before I'll be able to do the same for the bilingual English/Mandarin events!

Drop in sometime; here's the library's storytime schedule.

And by the way, YES, I am retaining my OLD library home at the Livermore Public Library!  I continue with the Pajamatime Family Storytimes Monday nights at 7 at the Civic Center Library, and bilingual English/Spanish storytimes (10:30 Toddler/11 Preschool) on Friday mornings at the Rincon Branch--and of course I am everywhere in the summer, with all of the library's Summer Reading Program events I coordinate & present.

Please: join us for storytimes when you can, and spread the word!

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