November 27, 2012

Read Up

Ready for some more fun books to check out from your library?  Here are four I like:

The Sea Serpent and Me
Dashka Slater & Catia Chien
This tale of a little girl and a tiny (but rapidly-growing) sea serpent features spare but descriptive wording, but is really made by Chien's gorgeous watercolor artwork.  The story is a gentle adventure that aquarium- and ocean-lovers will enjoy, and it can stimulate fun conversations about real & fantastical animals.

Dragons Love Tacos
Adam Rubin & Daniel Salmieri
"Hey, kid!  Did you know that dragons love tacos?"  The "kid" and his dog look skeptical.  It turns out dragons don't like the delicious tacos you might find at your local taco truck or taqueria; they like the crisp-shell-tomato-lettuce-and-cheese kind you might get from that famous drive-through.  AND THEY HATE   SPICY SALSA--you wouldn't like dragons when they've eaten spicy salsa!  Nothing here but silly fun, as the author describes how you can throw a taco party for dragons.

My Dad!
Steve Smallman & Sean Julian
Simple, rhyming text is only part of what makes this a fun read for toddlers & preschoolers (and a book early readers will be able to read with a little help).  A cuddly-looking father-and-young'n bear pair get into many adventures real-life kids & parents might enjoy: biking, camping, playing ball & reading, and there are plenty of other cute animals around to keep you on each page, exploring together.  The real hook for some children, though, will be the brief episodes of burping and tooting.

Split!  Splat!
Amy Gibson & Steve Björkman 
Super-simple, mostly onomatopoeic, text and bright, large illustrations convey the joyful adventure of a little girl & her dog as the two enjoy a splashy adventure in the rain--and mud!  The book is very easy to read, and gives you and the little one a little something to talk about regarding bringing mud into the home, I'd say!

Check these books out!  Have fun with them, & let me know what you think   Do you have any favorite stories of serpents, or tacos, or bears, dads, rain--or whatever?  Let me know!

Click on this link & READ UP!  I have many more great books to share with you!


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g1jeewan said...

The 2nd and 4th book sounds like fun! Gonna look out for them :))