November 05, 2012

Read Up! Fall Back into the Dark

Does "Fall Back" hit you like it hits me?  The sudden, (and to me, extreme) darkness leaves me feeling in a state of seasonal jet-lag!  In honor of the event, and to ease the adjustment, I offer some book selections that offer a fun bit of bump in the night.  

I Feel a Foot!
Maranke Rinck & Martijn van der Linden
The story of the blind men and the elephant gets a new lease on life, as a turtle, a bat, an octopus, a bird & a goat fall from their hammock on a moonless night.  Each of the friends thinks they are finding someone just like themselves--and the children in the room all seem to know what it is from the very beginning!  van der Linden's unique, eye-catching art almost begs to be honored with an art project after you finish reading this.

Creak!  Said the Bed
Phyllis Root & Regan Dunnick
I think any parent will be able to relate to this tale of a dark & stormy night, and a bed that keeps getting more crowded.  Things here go to an extreme, which just makes the whole thing that much funnier.

Who's There?
Carole Lexa Schaefer & Pierr Morgan
Little BunBun, all tucked in with his teddy bear Boo, hears an awful lot of noises in the dark of the night, and his imagination takes over.  Of course, there's a perfectly good explanation at the end, and many opportunities for you & the little ones with you to talk about whether the things BunBun is imagining are real.

Dark Night
Dorothée de Monfreid
Why Felix was walking through the forest in his pajamas on a dark night, I do not know--but he certainly got an eyeful!  He does a lot of running & shaking along the way, but ends the evening with a new friend and a big mug of hot chocolate.  It's a story that gives several opportunities to make animal sounds, and is thus a very fun story!  I love the art.

Dinosaurs After Dark
Jonathan Emett & Curtis Jobling
Of course, with dinosaurs on the cover, kids are sold--it doesn't even matter what's inside--but the good news is, there is a lot of fun inside!  Despite a threat or two, these dinos just want to play, and even carry their young friend home.  Needless to say, though, the entire town is a huge mess after a night of dinosaur hide-and-seek.

Check these books out!  Have fun with them, & let me know what you think   Do you have any favorite stories of gentle nighttime fun & adventure?  Let me know!

READ UP!  I have many more great books to share with you!

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