March 15, 2012

World Storytelling Day, Part One: The Question

Once Upon a Time…

...there were no books in the world.  It’s practically unimaginable, isn’t it!  So needless to say, there was no Facebook, or Google—not even a Kindle in sight.  Yes, this was a long time ago—perhaps when your parents were little.

So do you think, since there were no books back then, that there were no STORIES?  We did have stories, and those stories were carried by the storytellers.  Thanks to the art & practice of storytelling, there were entertaining, educational, and even culture-building tales that often happened to feature popular recurring characters.  Did you know Spider-Man originated about this time?  It’s true (well, in a way)!  That trickster Anansi the Spider is a popular character from Western Africa who was at times a spider, at times a man—and sometimes, sort of a spider-man!  The tales spread, grew & changed through years of telling & retelling from person to person.  Filled with the excitement of a tale, anyone could take a turn as a storyteller.

But now we have books.  Do we still need storytellers & storytelling?   Why?

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