March 14, 2012

Read Up! Readin' o' the Green

On March 17, a lot of people seem to enjoy eating & drinking green things.  How about some green food for the mind: books!  These are a few titles I like:

Lizette’s Green Sock
Catharina Valckx

Lizette is out on a walk, when she finds a single green sock laying on the ground.  She puts it on.  Will Mommy scream when she finds out?  That’s just one question to be answered over the course of this silly little adventure.  What we never do learn is the identity of the sock’s original owner!

Little Green
Keith Baker

The art is reminiscent of Eric Carle’s in this very colorful book with simple rhymes following a boy’s thoughts as he watches a hummingbird at work.  The boy sits in the window of his room, painting as he watches.  Is he painting a picture of the hummingbird?  Read & find out!

Grandpa Green
Lane Smith

The “Grandpa” of the title creates amazing topiary tableaux depicting what seem to be stories from his life & his imagination.  The amazing garden helps the boy narrator learn his elderly relative’s story, and he helps Grandpa Green carry it on.  You’ll enjoy exploring & talking about the amazing images together.

If you think that the titles so far are lacking in Irish-ness, you may be right-- so here's a great book version of an Irish folktale (even though it's not so green):

Mrs. McCool and the Giant Cuhullin: An Irish Tale
Jessica Souhami

What a girl-power story this is!  Oona McCool’s husband is a giant scaredy-cat, and there’s a giant bully stomping about Ireland, but the quick-witted Oona has the entire situation under control in the space of a single afternoon!  It’s like she says: “Big is big.  But brains are better!”

 Surf on over to your local library's website & reserve your copies of these fun books--and enjoy your readin' o' the green!  Are there any "green" books that are favorites of yours?  Please let me know!

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