August 09, 2016

Gone Fishing

Doing a little paper engineering, the A & the E (and heck, even the T, as we were using some basic-level technologies) in STEAM*!  Shared this project with my weekly STEAM session for grades 1-5, after telling a fishy tale.

The kids at the upper end of the grade range got through it pretty quickly, and were able to help the younger kids.  A child in the middle was able to do the same.  Some of the kids in grades 1-2 expressed immediate frustration and impatience, though after receiving assistance, they loved their final products.  I wish I'd photographed those, but I was too busy providing reassurance and a helping hand!  All of the children enjoyed customizing their final products: no two were alike.

This coooool fish project came from Krokotak, and art-filled website I'd never seen before stumbling upon these fish.

*STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math

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