February 12, 2016

Read Up! Dogs at Bedtime

Have you got your library card ready?  Reserve these books now, and check them out!

Goodnight, Good Dog
Mary Lyn Ray & Rebecca Malone
This is a quiet book, quiet like the night.  Bedtime has come, but the dog isn't sleepy.  He's still thinking about his wonderful day in the sun with his family.  He's not ready for bed; he's ready for a new day to begin.  This seems like a very calming bedtime book, to help the people sharing it reflect upon their day, and think a bit about the next one.

Time for Bed, Fred
Yasmeen Ismail
While the dog in Goodnight, Good Dog quietly roams the house for a bit while his family sleeps, Fred is actively, disruptively, joyfully fighting against bedtime.  He's trying to squeeze in as much remaining action from the day as he can, before he is forced to go to bed.  It is probably those 26 pages of activity that finally tired him out!  I love the funny situations and the beautiful, action-loaded watercolor illustrations.

Have you read these books?  What do you think?  If you have any other favorite books to share, I'd love to hear about them!

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-- Storyteller John Weaver


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