January 13, 2016


Have you got your library card ready?  Reserve these books now, and check them out!

Say Hello!
Linda Davick
This book's official summary puts it very nicely: "...the world would be a lot more fun if hellos were shared." The rhyming text offers a wealth of different ways to give a friendly greeting: "With a hug.  With a shake.  With a Curtsy.  With a Cake."  I love the letter in the mail going to Uncle Wally on Sea Lion Drive in Pacifica!  The huge pictures of smiling faces, the abundance of white space surrounding them, the simple ideas offered one-per-page: all of these things pull in the adult reader & children, inviting them to take time to think & talk about each possibility, and to brainstorm a few other ways to offer hellos, and kindness.

Jonathan London & G. Brian Karas
Here, a brother & sister take great joy in exploring the post-rainstorm world of their own yard & neighborhood, filled as it is with frogs, worms, mud, tiny rivers, and (of course) puddles!  Is Mom's order to not get wet one that is even possible to follow?  I love the sense of adventure here, and the opening to discuss that adventure, and the post-rain world, with young co-readers.

Have you read these books?  What do you think?  If you have any other favorite books to share, I'd love to hear about them!

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-- Storyteller John Weaver

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