December 15, 2015

STEAM: Building a Gumdrop Dome

I present a regular program for big kids (Grades 1-5), wherein I combine my storytelling with components of science, word games, magic, and who-knows-what.  The kids would probably be happy with week-after-week of Mentos being dropped into soda bottles--but it's cold outside this time of year, so it's nice to branch out.

Most of my projects come from science books & websites.  This gumdrop dome project, which involved a stretch for some of the children in hand-eye coordination & spatial thinking, came from PBS's ZOOM!  Here's the full PDF of the Gumdrop Dome activity on Zoom.

In the future, my group & I will apply what we learned about building strong structures, and try to see if we can create some gumdrop & toothpick buildings that can bear some real weight!

The biggest issue here is trying to keep the kids from licking the building materials.

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