July 01, 2015

Read Up! Charming Animal Edition

Have you got your library card ready?  Reserve these books now, and check them out!

Betty Goes Bananas
Steve Antony
Betty is a baby gorilla, and she loves bananas.  When she is unable to open one by herself, things get out of hand: she cries, sniffles, kicks & screams, until she finally calms down.  In fact, it seems as if Betty is always crying, sniffling, kicking & screaming. Toddlers & preschoolers with whom I've shared this amusing, colorful book always seem to think Betty is overreacting, and needs to calm down.

Antoinette Portis
From the author of two of my favorite books (Not a Box & Not a Stick) comes this imaginative story of a little brown bird that would not say "peep."  "Froodle sproodle," "tiffle biffle," sure, but just no more "peep."  Such nonsense upsets the other birds--especially crow.  The children taking this story in, though, always find it hilarious.  Plenty of fun playing with sounds.

Big and Small
Elizabeth Bennett & Jane Chapman
Big is a bear and Small is a mouse, but that is neither here nor there.  Big is big, and Small is small.  Sometimes Small needs help.  But sometimes, Big needs help, too.  A sweet tale of friendship, empathy, and the power of all sizes.

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