April 28, 2015

Read Up!

Two new books I think you may like--get out your library card & check them out!

By Steve Smallman & Ada Grey
I started chanting & tapping to this book’s text nearly from the first line.  One by one, the jungle creatures gather to form a beautiful beat, with each animal making its own unique contribution.  The illustrations are colorful and simple, with beautiful textures, and before you've ventured very far into the book, you may already be feeling the urge to read it twice in a row!  Especially great for toddlers.

By Mouse and Frog
Deborah Freedman
Mouse wakes up early one day, eager to write a story.  When Mouse’s friend Frog shows up, though, Mouse’s plans go awry.  Having two authors really changes a story! The way these two create is in the style of Harold and the Purple Crayon, with the characters becoming immersed in a world of their own creation as they are creating it.  Somewhere in this busy little tale is a little lesson in cooperation, but never mind that!  Especially great for preschoolers & early elementary.

Click on this link & READ UP!  I have many more great books to share with you!

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