December 04, 2014

Read Up! Shh! We Have a Plan, by Chris Haughton

I love this new book.  It's gotten a lot of laughs every time I've shared it at storytime, and I think you may like it a lot, too!

Chris Haughton's whimsical, collage-style illustrations (actually rendered digitally) are what drew me into this book about four little friends who I think may be up way past their bedtimes. When they see a beautiful bird, the littlest one of them all seems to want to make friends with it--but judging by the nets, I think the others have something different in mind.  They have a plan.  Check this out, and have fun reading aloud in whatever silly little voice comes into your head!  

Check this book out! Have fun with it, & let me know what you think. Do you have any favorite books about friends, or birds, or the night--or whatever? Please let me know! 

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