March 03, 2014

Read Up! A fun trio

I've just met these fun characters recently, and I want to make sure you don't miss out!  All feature fun illustrations, and quite a lot to talk about & explore when sharing with the children in your life.

A Monkey Among Us
Dave Horowitz
"Among us?" a child in the group asked the first time I shared this book.  "Yes," I said, "among us!  Here with us!  Somewhere between us--it's among us!"  The book does more than possibly introduce challenging new vocab; it also plays with sounds ("A monkey among a fungus. A monkey, HUMONGOUS"), and lets us get to know a trio of silly animal characters.  I like the collage-style drawings, and the many opportunities to laugh & discuss the increasingly-wacky proceedings.

Early Bird
Toni Yuly
Many parents may be able to recognize this early bird, who wakes up before the sun, raring to go.  Early Bird gets moving, too: across, through, under, up, around and over!  This all happens over the course of several pages, but it's fun to go back and retrace her movements, emphasizing those prepositions.  Of course, the real conversation-starter is when Early Bird meets the Early Worm!

I Can See Just Fine
Eric Barclay
Our first image of Paige shows her holding a book upside-down; the second catches her walking out of the boys' room.  You can imagine what animal she's holding when she announces to her dad that she's found a kitty.  The charm & humor of this book are shouldered almost entirely by Barclay's super-cool retro advertising-art style, which packs in treats on every page.  It may be a book to make kids feel better if they need glasses, but it's a cool sight for anyone.

Check out these books, and let me know what you think!  Do you have any favorite books about monkeys, birds, glasses--or anything else?  Let me know about it, so I can read up!

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