August 23, 2012

Wouldn't you love to have a fish on the wall?

Being a long-time aquarium lover, I really enjoyed seeing this craft at a preschool where I shared stories recently: fish-bowl wall hangings!

Here's how they seem to have been made:

Materials needed:
Paper plate
Blue construction paper (at least as big as the plate)
Colored paper for the fish
Glue stick
Stapler or Hole Punch

1. Place paper plate upside-down on blue construction paper & trace the edge.
2. Cut out the circle of blue paper.
3. Take the paper plate & cut out the flat center circle.
4. Draw fish shapes on the colored paper & cut them out.
5. Draw details onto your fish, if desired.
6. Glue the paper plate, top-side down, onto the circle of blue.  It could also be stapled or "woven" using yarn through punched holes along the perimeter.
7. Now, put the fish in the tank!  Choose your placement & glue them onto the blue background.
8. To hang, staple or hole-punch & tie the ribbon to the top of your "fish tank," and cut the ribbon to the desired length.

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