June 12, 2012

Storyteller John & The Three Bears

To me, the art of storytelling is very much a "you really need to be there" experience.  A live program is not designed to be the same as a TV show, and my programs are very interactive.  Every performance is different--different crowds, different venues, different clients.  Every experience, even with the same stories, is unique.

 However, I do frequently get clients interested in a performance video.  Scroll down for a few minutes of me getting some help from a young audience as I try to make my way through "Goldilocks & the Three Bears."

But it's not the same as being there...

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activated said...

Love! I starred this in my feed to watch later. Well it's later and I laughed and I giggled. You've got quite a talent John. Hope to see you next spring.
Kimberly Goza