April 19, 2012

Read Up: Surprise Endings

Expect the unexpected when you settle in with any of this set of five eye-openers!  You may find yourself going along, & going along, & going along, and... then... BAM!  A turn of events that came out of seemingly no place (though in one case I was HOPING for a certain ending--but not expecting it at all)!

Polly Dunbar

Ben gets a penguin as a gift, but it doesn’t seem to DO anything.  Is it even real?  The most oft-repeated phrase in the book is, “penguin said nothing.” One gets the distinct impression Ben is about to ask for the gift receipt by the time a gasp-worthy moment or two finally comes along! 

I Want My Hat Back
Jon Klassen

Bear has lost his hat, and he goes around asking all of the forest animals whether they’ve seen it.  Is (at least) one of the characters lying?  It’s fun to read this one in a deadpan voice—at least for MOST of the proceedings!

I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean
Kevin Sherry

 (previously mentioned here
 The biggest BOOR in the ocean, you mean!  Giant Squid gleefully points out that he’s bigger than jellyfish, bigger than turtles, bigger than octopus—the biggest thing in the ocean!  Or is he?  This is a book with a definite gasp, and perhaps a nervous chuckle!  I love the illustrations—and the window clings that came in the copy of the book I purchased!

The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?
Mo Willems

A new Pigeon book from Willems is always something to look forward to, so I picked this one up the second I saw it in the bookstore.  That adorable, annoying little duckling is also back; he asks for a cookie—using his best manners—and actually GETS one!  It seems to be chocolate chip with nuts, and Pigeon is furious!  There is a surprise twist at the end—one in which I learn how much Duckling & I have in common (in addition to that “adorable, annoying” description)!


Hungry Hen
Richard Waring & Caroline Jayne Church

This little hen spends most of the book eating & eating, and growing & growing.  I know the feeling.  Before long, a hungry fox enters the picture, and things don’t look so good for our heroine.  The fox makes his move, and…the book ends!  Almost just like that, but with a bit of a shock in-between.


 Do you have any favorite books with surprise endings?  Please let me know so that I can check them out!

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