December 13, 2011

Read Up: Back to Bed, Ed!

     Sure, Santa Claus made an appearance at my Family Storytime last night, but I think the REAL star of the show was Sebastien Braun's book, Back to Bed, Ed

     The book's subject matter is a situation with which I think most families can relate: a young child having a hard time transitioning to sleeping in his own bed.  Every time I read it, I flash back to the nights when I would be so tired from the struggle I'd somehow fall asleep down the hall next to the little bed--and to the mornings when I'd wake up with an extra little someone in my own bed!  The yelling at the door, the feet in the face--the events in Back to Bed, Ed may not measure up to the high drama you might've experienced in your own household, but I think they will ring true & take you right on back!

     For families going through "the change" right now, I think this is a great book to read & maybe even keep around.  There are no bad guys in the story; it just seems like Ed is facing a challenge, and that he may need time & a little help.  As I share this book at storytime, I ask the children, "will Ed stay in bed this time?"  We talk about whether those things Ed sees under his bed are real, and I point out how tired poor Daddy & Mommy look.  The discussion as we make our way through the story helps build empathy for all three parties, & I think by the end, everyone is rooting for Ed to stay in bed!  Will he?  Ever?!?

Braun's illustrations are simple & effective.  Just look at Ed, with a foot in one parent's ear, and an arm pushing the other parent off the bed!  And with a baby in a crib at the foot of the bed, you know those grownups might not be getting a decent night's sleep for QUITE some time...

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