June 18, 2011

Reading Together: A Family Tradition!

Listen to this story
from NPR's Weekend Edition about the father & daughter who decided to read together for 100 nights in a row. Did they read for 100 nights? NO: they read for 3,218! This is fantastic. Many parents wonder about how to "find the time" to read to their kids, but this family shows how just by making a commitment to start, reading together can become a cherished tradition. This parent & child got so much more out of the experience than simply the words on the pages.

Check out the link: there's the audio of Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon interviewing Jim Brozina & Alice Ozma (the parent & child readers); a text version of the story; an excerpt from Ozma's book, The Reading Promise: My Father and the Books We Shared; and from that book, a list of suggestions for families looking to start a reading streak of their own!

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