March 24, 2011

Read Up: Spring is Pop-Up Book All Over!

If you want to experience 3-D entertainment, there’s no need to sit through the latest overrated blockbuster movie, which is guaranteed only to assault your senses, intelligence, & eyesight.  Go old-school, and seek out some pop-up books!  They cover every genre, from cute animal story, to humor, to action—even the classics are out there, such as Alice in Wonderland, Winnie-the-Pooh, and works by Shakespeare and Mother Goose, herself.  The paper engineering will cause some oohs & aahs, and maybe even inspire the craftier folks in the crowd.

Here’s a tiny list of just a handful of my favorites; seek them out, but also keep your eyes open for some new favorites of your own!

Charlie Chick
Nick Denchfield & Ant Parker
Charlie Chick is big and round, with big feet & a big beak—but what’s even bigger than Charlie Chick?  I love this book!  It’s big & bold, simple & sturdy—and very funny!

I Love to Eat Bugs
John Strejan
In this version of the traditional tale of one-upmanship, we meet several animals who pop out of the book & tell us about their dining habits.  Talk about your favorite foods as you read this book, and don’t miss the opportunity to make a few animal sounds.

Big Frog Can’t Fit In
Mo Willems
Big Frog has a hard time fitting into her own book, but she eventually gets by—with some help from her little friends.  The simple, eye-appealing art of Mo Willems pokes & flies out of this chunky book, thanks to some amazing paper engineering by Bruce Foster. 

Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me
Eric Carle
Monica wants to play with the moon, so she asks her Papa to bring it to her.  The moonrise in this book is so big, I’m tempted to hold it near my bathtub to see if it can make waves.

Under the Bed
David Wood & Richard Fowler
The simplest of this set, this is the familiar story about a small child’s (in this case, a small bear child’s) claim of a monster under the bed.  Watch out for the surprise, pop-up, ending!

Do you have any favorite pop-up books?  Please tell me about them—I don’t want to miss out on the 3-D fun!

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