October 12, 2010

John's Mailbag

I opened my mailbox recently to discover a thick envelope from an elementary school I'd visited about a week before. It was filled with notes from students of various ages, thanking me for my storytelling performance. What a pleasant surprise! Here are a few quick excerpts--some funny stuff in here!

"Dear John Weaver, Thank you for coming to our school and telling us stories again. I liked all of your stories... I also liked the voices and impressions. When you told us all of the stories, you made us laugh and everybody liked it. I thought when you told us the stories, you did it way better than last year. Anyways, thank you again for coming."

"Thank you Mr. Weaver for coming to our school and telling real cool story's. I like all of the stories because they were all funny."

"...that was really cool how do you do those voices those where funny voices to me and those princess stories i loved those."

"Dear John: I really liked your stories but the one I liked the most is the one with all the talking animals and my favorite animal in it was the fish because I really REALLY! liked his voice."

"I want to say thank you for comming to our school and telling us stories. They were really funny... I hope you can come again so other kids will laugh as much as we did."

"You mister, are 1 funny story teller. You should try my mom's fudge, it's so yummy."

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