August 30, 2010

Read Up! A Few Favorites to Share

I’d love to hear that you’re already familiar with at least some of these books—they’ve all been around a while, and offer fun stories & beautiful, colorful illustrations.  Got your library card ready?  Okay, here we go:


Rosemary Wells
As an adult, it can be annoying when someone says “YUCK” at your favorite food—but for a child, it can be painful! Yoko is a sad little kitten, until her teacher comes up with a delicious idea.

The Big Orange Splot 
Daniel Pinkwater
You’ve seen neighborhoods like Mr. Plumbean’s before—all the houses look nearly identical, and you’ve got to wonder how people find their own home at night! Then something happens that gets Plumbean—and his neighbors—dreaming.

The Araboolies of Liberty Street 
Sam Swope & Barry Root
Definitely a family that would have the homeowners’ association working overtime pumping out cranky letters! Things escalate, until a sweet little girl saves the day.

It’s Okay to be Different 
Todd Parr
Is it REALLY okay to eat macaroni & cheese in the bathtub? That’s up to you (though it seems the cleanup would be a cinch)! Simple, colorful illustrations and wild flights of fancy are a hallmark of Parr’s work—and the image of a kangaroo with a puppy in her pouch is a real smile-inducer!

We’re Different, We’re the Same 
Bobbi Kates & Joe Matthieu
“We’re different. Our noses are different.
“We’re the same. Our noses are the same. They breathe and sniff and sneeze and whiff.”

Rhyme, layers of attractive illustrations, and even Sesame Street characters draw the reader into this topic which preschoolers will be very excited to discuss!

The Paper Bag Princess 
Robert Munsch & Michael Martchenko
Her kingdom has just been destroyed by a dragon, but Princess Elizabeth is no damsel in distress! She has got the situation handled, and she won’t let anything get in her way. Princesses & dragons with a twist, told with typical Munsch humor.

  Check these books out! Have fun with them, & let me know what you think. Do you have any favorite books about princess, or neighbors, or lunch, or being an individual--or whatever? Please let me know!

Click on this link & READ UP!  I have many more great books to share with you!

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