April 12, 2010

Drop Everything and READ!

Have you got 30 minutes to set aside for reading?  Today (April 12) is a great day to try: it's Drop Everything and Read Day -- but any day (and every day) is a great day to celebrate!
D.E.A.R.'s April 12 date is to celebrate the birthday of Beverly Cleary, who wrote the great Ramona books, but since reading is for everyone (this means you), you can read whatever you like: favorite picture books, mysteries, stories that have been turned into movies, ghost stories, comics-- even the New York Times!  The goal of the occasion is for families to find regular time for reading-- reading together, and reading individually (or reading individually, together).

Why not visit your library & load up on a selection to take home for everyone to pick through & discover new favorites?  For more info on Drop Everything & Read, and lots of games plus downloads for parents, teachers & librarians, visit the D.E.A.R. website.

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