December 01, 2008

Two Greats on NPR: Jon Scieszka & Dave Barry

NPR’s “Weekend Edition” is always a great listen, but the Saturday, November 29 broadcast was especially so—at least for lovers of children’s literature. The program featured two of my favorites, Jon Scieszka and Dave Barry.

Scieszka is the Library of Congress National Ambassador to Children's Literature, and of course the author of “The Time Warp Trio” series, “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs,” “The Stinky Cheese Man,” the new “Truck Town” series for little ones & so much more.

Humorist Dave Barry has been reinventing himself as a talented children’s author over the last few years as co-writer of a new and exciting series of Peter Pan adventures. His new book for middle-schoolers is called “Science Fair.”

The “Weekend Edition Saturday” pieces were funny & informative, and you can listen to them online—as well as read excerpts from their new books—at

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